Your Prayers For a Godly Marriage…

God sees your need for intimate companionship.
Your persistent prayers for a beautiful, godly marriage,
has truly never been disregarded nor overlooked by the Lord.
He knows you’ve been wondering,
when your precious season for marriage will be.
And as time has gone by,
your loving Father has observed,
that your beautiful heart has been greatly increasing,
with a magnitude of deep desire, to find lasting, true love.

The tears, and your hearts innermost cries,
touches Him immensely with compassion.
God knows that your heart has been drained of hope,
But do not despair, nor be anxious.
For His timing is flawless,
and you can depend wholeheartedly, in His loving faithfulness.

Your heart must remain hopeful,
that you shall be married one day.
For when your longing is fulfilled,
it shall be as a wonderful and glorious tree of life.
There is power and beauty,
when you decide to walk by faith, and not by sight.
For when you let go, and let God,
He will do something so much more delightful and astonishing,
than you would ever expect.
Trust, in the beautiful plans of your Heavenly Father.
For His radiance and splendour, shall surely be seen over your life.
Hold on to hope, and never let go.
A beautiful, new season is on the way into your life.


© Written by Devona Fayana


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