Your Journey May Be Different To Others…


You were destined to prosper wonderfully, in the midst of Christ’s love.

Though your journey may look different to others,

your life has been uniquely, beautifully and flawlessly orchestrated by God.

Your Heavenly Father, makes no mistakes.

He has lovingly chosen you,

to embrace every season with Him, as you trust Him to position and guide you,

into the beautiful future that He has created for you.

Your journey is powerful, for the hand of the Lord is upon you.

Breakthroughs shall blossom, in alignment within His perfect timing.

For God is a good Father, who desires to see you flourish and prosper, fruitfully in His will.


Be still, beloved. The unfailing love of Jesus Christ shall not neglect nor abandon you.

Though His timing, may be different to what you expected,

you can rest assured, that as the Lord Almighty, His ways are much higher than your ways.

Your Heavenly Father sees the beginning and the end.

Your life is cherished in His hands.

Throughout every season, He is a good God.

Be at peace, and let your heart rest, in His glorious and secure love.

For your time will surely come.

And you are abundantly blessed, in Jesus Christ.

Delight yourself in the Lord, and He will give you the desires of your heart.

For God ardently loves you,

and He is faithful, to work out all things wonderfully according to His purpose.


Written by Devona Fayana©


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