Your Heavenly Father’s Devotion To You…

Your Heavenly Father’s devotion to you,
is powerful, faithful and true.
Though your beginnings were humble,
your future will be prosperous and abundant.
The Holy One, is your beautiful sustainer.
The Lord Almighty, your powerful refuge and strength.
He has carried you, through the difficult struggles.
And now He shall lead you, into the glorious promise land.
He will rebuild and restore you, exceedingly and abundantly.
That His glory shall be magnified, so wonderfully within your life.

When Jesus looks at you, His heart overflows with passionate love.
There is nothing too hard, for your Heavenly Father to do.
He is able, to do anything.
Nothing will withhold Him,
from ushering you into His beautiful purpose for your life.

A harvest of fruitfulness shall bear forth abundantly,
and the hand of the Lord, shall guide you into His perfect will.
Keep your heart, steadfast on Jesus Christ.
Abide in His precious love, as His Word abides in you.
You are destined for wonderful things.
Trust in His plan, and rest in His embrace.
The Lord is always with you, cherishing you close, in His arms.

© Written By Devona Fayana


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