Your Heart’s Desires Matter To Your Heavenly Father

Your gracious Heavenly Father,

does not disregard your heart’s desires, nor your deepest needs.

He has been truly attentive, to every prayer that you have poured from your heart.

His fervent gaze is consistently fixed upon you, with such compassionate love. 

For the Lord’s devotion towards you, is faithful and unfailing.

He ardently admires you from the depths of His heart.

Let your mind be steadfast on Him, for you shall always be secure in His bountiful peace. 

Your Heavenly Father would not withhold anything good from you. 

You are His dearly beloved child. He is always working things out for good.

The Lord Almighty’s love you, is beyond perfection. 

Have confidence in Him, for He will not let you down.

Jesus’ heart is committed, to carrying out His perfect will into fruition for you.

Beloved, be at rest. And let your heart remain beautifully engaged within His perfect love.

Everything pertaining to you, shall be well. You are blessed in His arms.


Written by Devona Fayana ©


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