Your Heartfelt Prayers, Have Saturated Your Heavenly Father’s Heart… 

Your heartfelt prayers, have saturated your Heavenly Father’s heart, 

with the deepest, fervent compassion.

You must believe in what you pray for, for the Lord is able.

He sees your heart’s desires, and He ardently cares about all of your needs.

You must trust in His timing, and have faith in your Father’s plan.

For He will always take care of you, you are precious in His sight.

He faithfully watches over you, from heaven above.

Nothing compares, to the glorious magnitude of His unfailing love.

You must believe in what you pray for, 

for there is nothing too hard, for your Saviour to do.

You are eternally and perfectly secure, in the arms of Jesus.

According to His time, He will make all things new.

Your heart’s longings, do not go unnoticed to Him.

For the Lord is a faithful Father, who is perfect in every way.

Trust in Him with all of your heart, for Jesus has the final say.

And He is surely able, to do exceedingly and abundantly beyond your expectations.


Written by Devona Fayana©


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