Your Future Husband Is Being Prepared


Your Future Husband Is Being Prepared


Your future husband is being prepared.

The Lord is preparing him, to become the godly Husband and Father, that he has been called to be.

As the potter moulds the clay, so is your Heavenly Father shaping your husband for his calling.

To lead you, as he submits to the authority of Christ.

To protect you, and to provide for you, as you grow together in the Lord.

For God has planned, an exceedingly marvellous and beautiful future, for your marriage and family.

What has been orchestrated by the Almighty, shall not be hindered.

Your husband shall find you, according to God’s flawless timing.

As a Daughter of the King, you are deeply cherished in Christ,

and your loving Father, only desires the best husband for you.

Let not your heart be troubled, nor lose faith in Him.

For there is a powerful purpose, behind your waiting season.

And the most beautiful blessings in life, take time to bloom,

The Lord flourishes His will into fruition, in His time.


Your Heavenly Father desires to see you prosper fruitfully within His plans, as much as you do.

As a good and faithful Father, He does not withhold anything good from His children.

Continue to trust in Him, wholeheartedly in your single season,

for He is always working things out for good. Your life is precious to Jesus.

As your True Love, He will always, take perfect care of you.

And only provide, the best spouse for you.

Wait on His time, it will be exceedingly beautiful, and truly worth every moment.


Written by Devona Fayana ©






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