The Source of Your Strength, Resides In The Heart of Christ

The source of your strength, resides in the heart of Christ.

He will always be your devoted Redeemer, and the true giver of life.

There is nothing that compares, to His refreshing, intimate love.

And the outpouring of His beautiful Holy Spirit,

lovingly rests upon you, like the gentle, graceful dove.

Christ resurrects and replenishes, the innermost parts of your soul.

You were once lost, but now you are found,

Basking in the heavenly love of your Almighty Father.

With His arms open wide, lavishing you with grace from above.

His illuminating love, always pierces through the darkness.

And there is not a moment that you face, 

where the gracious light of His love, is too far away.

He is always with you.

Watching you, carrying you, and upholding you with His righteous hand.

Embracing you in His arms, and strengthening you to remain courageous and stand.

You shall not fall, dearest child of God. For He is with you.

Every step of the way.


Written by Devona Fayana ©


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