The Lord’s Timing For Your Life…

The timing for the seasons within your life,
have been planned to absolute perfection.
There is no flaw,
in how your Almighty Father has orchestrated your life.
Every detail that concerns you,
has been beautifully arranged by Him.
And you must trust,
that He will lead you, into the divine destiny that He has set.

Be at peace, and watch your precious story marvellously unfold,
in the sovereign care of your Redeemer.
Do not underestimate what He is doing, within this season of your life.
For you are being prepared, and positioned,
for the glorious fulfilment of His excellent will.

Your life overflows,
with the heavenly grace, splendour and glory of the Lord.
Christ admires you, beyond your comprehension.
And His heart toward you,
abounds with fervent love, and passionate desire,
to see you fully embrace,
the glorious purpose, that He has destined for you.

He is perfectly working things out, together for good.
Do not lose heart, nor give up on the Lord your God.
For the mighty hand of your loving, Almighty Father,
is faithfully guiding you into something greater.
And what He has graciously predestined for you,
shall surely bloom powerfully into your life, in due season.

© Written by Devona Fayana


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