The Desire To Be a Wife and Mother…

Your Heavenly Father deeply comprehends
Your beautiful innermost desire, for marriage and motherhood.
The ministry as a wife and mother,
is exceedingly precious, in the sight of God.
And words cannot truly describe,
the powerful magnitude, of gracious love that He has for you.

The Lord does not desire for you to lose hope,
nor does He want your heart to fret about His timing.
For your Almighty Father is in perfect control,
and He is truly able, to bless you so beautifully and abundantly,
beyond your greatest expectations.
Your heart must remain, confident in His unfailing love.
There is nothing that is impossible, for your Father to do.

Be at peace in His love.
Rest assured, that what His heart desires for you,
He shall beautifully fulfil it, at the right time.
You are His beloved daughter.
As your Father, He also desires the best for you.
Entrust your heart, with Him.
And with loving gentleness, compassion and grace,
He will lead you beautifully, into the wonderful plan,
that He has perfectly orchestrated for you.
You are eternally loved and embraced, in the arms of the Father.

© Written by Devona Fayana

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