“My Child, do not limit Me. I will do the impossible for you…”

“My child, do not limit Me. I will do the impossible for you.

I love you, with an everlasting love.

As your Almighty Father, it is impossible for Me to fail you.

Nor will I disappoint you, My child.

My heart deeply desires to see you, walking in the fullness of joy,

as you embrace the beautiful abundance, 

of all the things that I have destined for you.

My child, I can see the innermost desires of your heart,

trust in Me to fulfil it.

Do  not limit Me.

Nor let your heart lean on your own understanding.

For I am the Lord Almighty, who loves you. 

Let your mind, steadfast on Me. And I shall keep you, in perfect peace.

My plan and My timing is flawless.

For I am faithful, to powerfully order your footsteps.

You need not be afraid, nor let your heart worry.

All I ask, is that you believe in Me.

For I am your sovereign Father, in perfect control.

And I will do, greater than you could imagine.

I love you.”


Written by Devona Fayana©


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