Jesus Is Holding Your Heart…

Jesus knows that it has been a while, that you have carried that empty feeling,

In the depths of your precious heart. 

He understanding that things may seem uncertain right now.

He can see that your heart is weary, and truly overwhelmed,

With disappointment, worry and pain.

But there is one thing that is certain,

Your Heavenly Father’s love for you, is passionately unfailing. 

His love shall never depart from you.

He loves you too much, to ever let you go.

Others may have hurt you, and let your heart down. But Jesus will not.

You do not go unnoticed by God. Your Redeemer awaits you.

He sees that your heart has been vacant, and He desires to restore all that you have lost

He desires that you may live life more abundantly,

Rooted within His refreshing love and joy.

Open your heart to Jesus, He will fill you with true love.

He will never leave or forsake you,

And He will always be your first love.


Written by Devona Fayana ©


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