Jesus Christ, Your Saviour and True Love is Calling Your Name…


Jesus Christ, your Saviour and True Love is calling your name.
He knows, that things have not been easy for you.
He can see, that your heart is so close to giving up.
And His gracious heart, is gently drawing you deeper,
to saturate you in strength, replenishment and restoration power.
For He earnestly desires, to beautifully immerse your heart,
in His refreshing, and unfailing love.

This is the season,
where you shall fall deeper in trust, true love, and intimacy with Him.
The Lord is your rock, your shield and your strength.
Your heart shall arise in steadfast, unwavering faith in Him.
Trust in Him, to take care of you.
For His heart is passionately devoted to loving you,
and He is always attentive to the heartfelt prayers,
that flow from your precious heart.

May your heart continually lean and depend on Him, for all things.
For He so deeply desires, to provide all that you need.
You shall always, be the most beloved treasure, and true delight of His heart.
Rest assured, in His peaceful, secure and loving embrace.
For you will be satisfied, in His eternal love.
And His beautiful Holy Spirit, will empower you,
to wonderfully abound,
in the glorious purpose, that He has for you.
Wait upon Him, and He will strengthen your heart.
The best is yet to come.

©Written by Devona Fayana


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