God Knows, That You Have Been Trusting in Him, To Open The Right Doors For You

Your heart has been wandering, desperately longing for a marvellous breakthrough.

God knows, that you have been trusting in Him, to open the right doors for you,

You must believe wholeheartedly, that He is truly faithful to make a way for you.

The key that you have been looking for, and the breakthrough that your heart so desires,

Is found in the loving embrace, and the mighty hands of your gracious Redeemer.

The key to breakthrough, and walking in the abundance of all that God has for you,

Resides in the beautiful, heavenly presence of the Lord Jesus Christ.

His faithfulness flows bountifully like a waterfall, consistently refreshing you with love,

Your provision is found, in the hands of your Sustainer and your steadfast Rock.

Lean deep into His goodness. Let your heart depend on your good Father for all things.

For the Lord does not withhold, anything good from those who love Him,

And He desires to see you prosper beautifully within His will for your life.

Abide and bask in the wondrous companionship with the Lord your God.

And watch Him flourish His beautiful plans into fruition according to His time.


Written by Devona Fayana ©


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