God Is a Loving Father Who Wants To Bless You


God Is a Loving Father Who Wants To Bless You


Beautiful, God is a perfect and loving Father who wants to bless you

As His child, He desires to bless you abundantly.

You must trust in Him, even when your prayer seems unanswered.

For God is always working out all things for good.

You are absolutely cared for, and embedded, in the heart of Jesus Christ.

Let not your heart dwell, on your current circumstances.

Nor be overwhelmed, about what you can see,

for this is the season, where the Spirit of the Lord God is empowering you,

to walk by faith and not by sight.

Your Father deeply comprehends, the magnitude of pain and disappointment that you have experienced.

And He knows, about the heartbreaking battles and struggles, that you have had to face.

By His grace, you have come so far.

But beloved, you must continue to be firm in your faith,

for those who wait upon Him, shall not be put to shame.


You are not overlooked nor disregarded by the Lord Almighty.

Your gracious Heavenly Father sees you.

And in Christ, you are overflowing with eternal life.

There is an abundance of glorious opportunities, that await you.

For your Father has planned, a wonderful future for you.

It abounds beautifully with goodness and hope.

There is never a moment,

where your Father isn’t watching over you, and delighting in you,

as He lavishes you with His unfailing, heavenly love.

Lean wholeheartedly, in unwavering trust in the Lord. For He has so much in store for you.

Your heart will be amazed, with wondrous astonishment, at the faithfulness of God.

May you arise in hope, in strength and a beautiful restoration of joy.

For Jesus has you perfectly enwrapped in His embrace,

and you are exceedingly blessed, as a beloved child of God.

You are destined for greatness.


Written by Devona Fayana ©



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