Beautiful, God Will Provide Abundantly Beyond What You Asked Him For

Beautiful, God Will Provide Abundantly Beyond What You Asked Him For


Beloved child of God, your heart does not truly comprehend,

the depth of your Father’s faithfulness and ardent devotion to you.

The Lord is aware, of all of your needs, before you even ask Him.

He who redeemed you, shall not forsake you.

For God pays attention, to even the smallest details of your precious heart.

There is nothing too big, or too small, for your gracious Father to take care of.

For He is deeply, indescribably and passionately in love with you.

God shall provide, exceedingly and abundantly for you.

There is nothing that is impossible, for your Almighty Father to do.


Beloved, in Christ Jesus, you are free.

You are free to journey throughout your life in abundance, joy and heavenly peace.

For He who holds the universe, in the palm of His hands,

is always watching over you in faithfulness, grace and true love.

Let your heart be anxious for nothing, but rather trust in the Lord.

For He is perfectly sustaining you.

Be steadfast in faith, and let your heart remain focused on Jesus.

For He is good, and will powerfully provide,

something much more grand and glorious, above your expectations.

May you receive, beautifully beyond, what you prayed for.


Written by Devona Fayana ©



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