Beautiful, Do Not Lose Hope. You May Not Understand God’s Timing In This Season, But He Needs You To Trust Him…

Beautiful, do not lose hope. You may not understand God’s timing in this season. But He needs you to trust in Him….


Beautiful, the Lord Jesus is moved with abundant compassion for you.

For He has felt that your precious heart, has begun to lose hope within this season of your life.

The disappointments that you have faced, has not been overlooked by your loving Redeemer.

He loves you. And He cares about you, more than you will ever truly comprehend.

You may not understand, God’s timing in this season. But He needs you to trust in Him.

For He is determined, to restore you, and prosper you abundantly within His will.

He understands, that the seasons of waiting can be hard.

But the Lord always has His arms open wide to you,

that you may cling on to His powerful, secure, and unfailing love.

His Word shall keep you anchored. And His devotion to you, is steadfast and unwavering.

Take refuge, in the embrace of your True Love. For He shall never let you go.

You must know, that you have come so far in Christ.

Keep on pressing forward, and trust in Him. For He shall not abandon you.

The plans and promises that He has for you, will surely come to pass.


There may be others within your life, that may have hurt and disappointed you,

but let your heart rest assured, that Heavenly Father shall not fail you.

God shall be glorified abundantly, within your life.

And His beautiful plan for you, shall not be hindered.

You will prosper in the fullness of His purpose for your life.

As you dwell securely, in the loving care of your Saviour.

May your spirit, press in deeper,

within a beautiful, intimate, and loving relationship, with the Lord Jesus Christ.

May your heart arise in hope, faith and heavenly peace.

For God is your sustainer, your security, and your strength.

He is embracing  your life, perfectly in His hands.

And you shall be always, wonderfully enwrapped, in His everlasting love.

Written by Devona Fayana©


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