A Beautiful Revival Is Coming For You


A beautiful revival is coming for you.

The One who adores you, is ushering your life into divine, glorious restoration.

Your Heavenly Father’s faithfulness, shall capture your heart with great awe and wonder.

For He has prepared for you, a sensational breakthrough. 

Much more marvellous than what you could ever expect.

Jesus is dearly attentive towards you. 

He has been with you through the disheartening struggles.

You are deeply loved by Him, more than you will ever know.

And He has orchestrated your life, with a beautiful future.

Let your heart remain strengthened in Him. Expectant and overflowing with hope.

For the season is arising for you, where the Lord shall make things wondrous and new.

Christ has come, that you may live life more abundantly.

To embrace the fullness of His joy. And a refreshing, fruitful life in His loving arms.

Abide in the embrace of your Saviour. You are beautifully sealed in His everlasting love.


Written by Devona Fayana ©


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