Where Is Your Faith?

Beautiful, where is your faith?

Beloved, do not let your heart be discouraged. Nor lose hope in what you are trusting in the Lord for. Your faith is being stretched for a reason…

In this time of waiting and trusting in the Lord, He is strengthening your faith in such a powerful way like never before. God will be glorified in your circumstances. Your Heavenly Father wants to bless you and take care of you, but He also wants to deepen your trust in Him through the process…

Jesus Christ has the final say in your life, beloved. Everything will be okay. For you are held and treasured in the heart of your Redeemer. He loves you with such a gracious, everlasting love. He looks upon you with compassion. He knows what you need, and He is faithful to provide for you, and take care of all of your needs…

Faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen. Your faith will flourish in fruitfulness, and the Lord will come through, as He makes a way for you according to His perfect plan. Wait upon the Lord, beloved. Be of good courage, and He will strengthen your heart. Your current tests and trials shall turn into a glorious testimony. 



Devona Fayana


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