If You Are Experiencing Loneliness, Jesus Cares…


Are you feeling lonely?

Beloved, God knows the emptiness and pain that you have been carrying within your heart. Jesus understands that your heart is so tired, broken and weary from disappointments and hope deferred. The cries of your aching heart has reached the depths of His heart. And He wants you to know…

Jesus is near to those who are broken-hearted, and He restores those who are crushed in spirit. You are deeply adored by Him, He wants to hold you closer. And He longs to fill you and take away the emptiness from your heart. The Lord will mend every wound that you have. In His love, you will be replenished emotionally, mentally and spiritually. Jesus wants to make you whole…

Others may have forsaken you, but the Lord would never leave or disappoint you. His love for you is truly unfailing. Jesus Christ will always be the anchor of your heart, and He will give you rest. Everything will be okay, for you are perfectly secure and embraced in the arms of your Saviour. 

You are never alone, for Jesus shall always be with you, even until the end of age. You are eternally loved.





Devona Fayana


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