God Is Preparing You For Something Beautiful


God is preparing you for something beautiful.

Daughter of the King, may your heart remain patient and steadfast on the Lord. For though your waiting season may be longer than you expected, your Heavenly Father is perfectly intentional with the timing of your breakthrough. The Spirit of the Lord is moving powerfully within your life. Even if you do not see it right now.…

The faithfulness of God is truly heavenly and incomparable. As you place your trust in Him, you will not be ashamed, beloved. He would never want to withhold anything good from you. The Lord desires for you to prosper in fruitfulness and the abundance of His joy. Trust Him, and know that He is currently preparing you to receive the marvellous breakthrough that He wants to release into your life in due time…

Be expectant, dear one. For greater things shall bloom beautifully into your life. Do not let your precious heart become worried or troubled about how or when your breakthrough will come. For Jesus Christ is in perfect control, and His will shall be fulfilled within your life. He will cause you to rise unto greater levels as you continue to remain and abide within Him. 

Continue to yield to His beautiful Holy Spirit, as He leads you, prunes you and prepares you for the wonderful things that He is about to do within your life. Seek first the Kingdom, and all else will be added unto you. You shall not be disappointed when you place your faith and trust wholeheartedly in Jesus Christ. For He is able to do exceedingly and abundantly in your life. Be expectant, child of God. Your blessings shall arise at the appointed time…




Devona Fayana


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