Beloved, Remember Lot’s Wife. You Need To Put The Past Behind You.

Beloved, remember Lot’s wife. You need to put the past behind you.

Beloved, do not look back. Refrain from opening up your precious heart to what the Lord has already healed and delivered you from. God has put these things behind you, for He is truly merciful and He desires to do a new thing in your life. And it shall spring forth beautifully and powerfully.

Beautiful, do not dwell on the past. You are about to arise into a glorious and exciting time within your life. The enemy wants to keep you stagnant and looking back. Your beloved Heavenly Father wants you to press forward, in persistence, perseverance and resilience. For He is faithfully and continually strengthening you with His love. He has something coming for you…

Whatever you have lost within your life, the Lord is able to abundantly restore. May your heart be fixed upon your beautiful Redeemer and His wonderful promises and plans for your life. So when thoughts or temptations come, you shall remain steadfast in His secure love and focused on the greatness that lays ahead.

May the Holy Spirit fill you with His comfort, peace and strength. May the Word of God keep you anchored in truth and wisdom. That you may remain on the path of fruitfulness and divine acceleration as you move forward into the plans and promises of the Lord. Keep flourishing in Christ, beloved child of the King. He loves you, and He is with you every step of the way.




Devona Fayana


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