Beautiful, Jesus’ Heart is Longing For You To Let Go of The Past

Beautiful, Jesus’ heart is longing for you to let go of the past…

Beautiful, you need to put the past behind you, for the heart of God is so eager to release a marvellous, new thing within your life. The Lord Jesus has so much more for you. It will exceed beautifully beyond your expectations. And your precious heart is going to swell with such abundant radiance and joy. Are you ready?

Please be patient with His timing. Continue to depend on the Spirit of the Lord to help you to flourish strong within your faith. Surely, things are about to get better for you. Do not look back. For it is time to let go of the past, beloved. The Lord’s heart desires for you to be steadfast on Him. Renewing your mind with His Word, and walking by faith. Not by sight.

May your heart be strengthened and encouraged within this season. This is a gentle reminder for you to know that everything is going to be okay. For your better days are ahead of you, there is no reason to look back, beloved. You are rising and blossoming into higher levels and greater places in Christ. You are secure in His gracious love, and His righteous hand shall always remain upon you. Your change will come.




Devona Fayana


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