An Unexpected Blessing Is On The Way To You…

There is an abundance of rain, that is on the way to you. For the Lord shall open up the heavens, and rain down gloriously on your life according to His timing. Your blessing shall spring forth. And your heart shall increase in radiant joy. For your season of restoration is arising. Are you ready?

Beloved, your precious breakthrough may come when you least expect it. Let your heart remain focused upon Jesus, as your mind meditates on His Word. For He is your true love and perfect sustainer of your life. Every promise that He has given you, shall surely come to pass. And His Word concerning you, shall not return to Him void…

So rest your heart, beloved child of God. Your Heavenly Father cares tremendously for you. Prepare for good news, expect better days. Lift your heart in gratitude and praise to the Lord, for you shall receive all that He has predestined for you in His perfect time. Rejoice in the Lord, dear one. For He has redeemed you and lavished you with gracious love. The breakthrough will come. And it shall be exceedingly greater than what you expect.





Devona Fayana


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