Rosebuds:Blossoming In Your Single Season

Rosebuds: Blossoming In Your Single Season

Hello dearest readers! I felt led to share with you the story behind my new book, Rosebuds. I wrote the following message in my journal on August 27th 2019. This was such an unforgettable today, because I remember so clearly that God pressed the burden on my heart to write a book for single women who are waiting for marriage. I wanted to write a beautiful book for single women that helps them to experience healing and wholeness as they are encouraged to grow in Christ spiritually, mentally and emotionally. I believe that cultivating intimacy in relationship with Jesus Christ is the best way forward in blossoming into the woman you’ve been destined to become, as well as preparing for marriage.Through this book we will explore through the subjects of love, identity, intimacy, healing and marriage. I hope this blesses you!


“It was a summers evening when He gave me the revelation. I was reminiscing on the earlier events of my day where I happened to be admiring the beautiful rose bush in my garden. I noticed that the rosebuds that were present in the bush a few days ago, have now gloriously blossomed into stunning fully grown roses. You see, I have a dear love and obsession with roses and since the Lord knows the best ways to speak to us individually, He often speaks to me in the language of flowers. And for the past few years I have not only developed an admiration for this exquisite design of His, but I had come to understand the beauty of the process of the flower and the journey of blossoming from a rosebud into a mature rose.

Throughout my walk as a believer, the Lord had taught me to look deeper than what I can see on the surface. On the surface of the sight of a rosebud, many would say they just see a nice average plant. Although if you look a little closer within the details, you may recognise the power of the symbolisation of the process of a rose. From the seed in the soil right up till the flourishing of petals.. can also possibly be a symbolisation of the lives of many believers too.

This book is written for those who are on their journey of blossoming in Christ. Now matter what season you are in. Whether you feel buried in the dirt but you’re actually planted in the soil.. or either a small rosebud waiting eagerly for your petals to flourish. I pray that this wonderful book that I have written through the Holy Spirit will bless you.”



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Rosebuds: Blossoming In Your Single Season is exquisitely written to comfort, strengthen and revitalise the precious hearts of single women who have the desire to get married. This delightful book is filled with advice and encouragement that will help you to heal and flourish spiritually, mentally and emotionally in Christ within your single season. As you journey through this heartwarming book, may your heart overflow with hope, faith and God’s peaceful love that surpasses all understanding.


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Thank you for reading, may God bless you abundantly and keep on blossoming xx


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