Trust God, He Knows What Is Better For You

Your Heavenly Father understands that this season may have caused you to feel weary, afraid and uncertain of the future. But He loves you so deeply with an everlasting love and He looks upon you with such great compassion. He feels your pain. And He wants you to…

Place all of your trust in His unfailing love and truly come to know that in your life, there is nothing that comes as a surprise to Him. Nothing is out of His control concerning your life. And God wants to use the difficult circumstances that you have faced and turn that around for good…

His heart is so warm towards you, and He would never leave or forsake you. Beautiful, there is more. He has more for you. Lean in closer to His heart and do not give up nor grow weary. Be strengthened in His gracious love. God is faithful to make away for you!

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Devona Fayana


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