The Flowers Before They Bloom by Devona Fayana


The Flowers Before They Bloom by Devona Fayana

The Flowers Before They Bloom is beautifully written to bring peace and encouragement to your heart by sharing the sublime reality of God’s glorious, unfailing love for you.

This lovely collection of poetry and prose guides you through the transitional journey of transformation and blooming into the person that you have been created to be.

Whilst you read the contents of this book, may you blossom within strength, healing and beauty. Let your heart deeply absorb the true love that is gracefully lavished upon you from heaven, as you grow in intimacy with God and receive fresh, wonderful revelation of His loving heart towards you. 


I wrote this beautiful book being led by the Holy Spirit and from the depths of my heart, in order to uplift the hearts of women through sharing God’s glorious and powerful, unfailing love for them! This book will give you heartwarming daily encouragement that is rooted and inspired by God’s word so that you will feel closer to your beloved Heavenly Father, as well as grow in the stirring of your heart to seek the Lord more in prayer.

I hope you love it as much as I do!

The Flowers Before They Bloom is available worldwide on Amazon UK  and Amazon US

Thank you for reading xx



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