Beautiful, God Doesn’t Want You To Worry

Beautiful, are you worrying about something? Your Heavenly Father’s heart so deeply longs to take away the hurt and worry. He wants to see you resting in His presence with the overflow of His peace and wonderful love. In this difficult time throughout the world, I have had to pause and take some time to really saturate myself in His presence and absorb His peace into my heart as I press in and listen closer to His heart. Many people are experiencing so much anxiety, fear, anger and confusion in this season and I truly believe that the Lord wants us to find healing and restoration within Him as we immerse ourselves in prayer and worship.

Jesus Christ is the way, the truth and the life and the truth will set us free. Whatever you are experiencing or battling with right now, please know that Jesus wants to set you free from worry and anxiety. I encourage you to sit and rest still and peacefully in the presence of your Heavenly Father. Come before the Lord with an open, repentant heart. Humbly yet confidently knowing that He is loving, compassionate and faithful towards you. He is always willing to help you become aligned into His perfect, prosperous and peaceful will for your life as He lavishes you with His grace. Allow Him to fill you abundantly with His inexpressible peace, healing and hope. If you are praying for something, do not stop. Keep on trusting in Him! Persistence paired with faith can move mountains. Do not give up on the Lord, because He will never ever let you go.

My new book, The Flowers Before They Bloom, is now available worldwide on Amazon , a beautiful book of encouraging prose and poetry to uplift your heart and draw your heart, beautifully closer to God.

I hope you were blessed by this post! God bless you.


Devona Fayana



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