How To Be a Light To Others

How To Be a Light To Others

In Matthew 5, the Lord talks about letting our light shine before men that it may glorify our Father in heaven. I believe that the light within us is the light of Christ. John 1:4 says “In Him was life and the life was the light of men.”

Through Christ we have eternal life, we have love, we have joy and we have abundance in Him. May our lives shine before others that it will give God the glory.

I began thinking to myself, how can I share the light of Christ dwelling within me? And I truly believe it starts from within. Galatians 5 mentions the beautiful fruits of the Holy Spirit. It is when we are cultivating fruitfulness from within when it truly radiates outwardly to others through our actions, words and everyday lives.

So how can we be a light to others?

  1. Abide in Christ and let His words abide in you

When we seek first the kingdom of God and allow God’s word to absorb deeply into our hearts, we are growing in fruitfulness and into the fullness of who God has called us to be. God’s will is for us to grow in knowledge of Him and flourish in faith and holiness each day. This is impossible to do without being connected to the vine Himself.

Let us continue to seek His face daily and feed on the wonderful word of God on a regular basis. When His truth abides in our hearts, we are strengthened and disciplined to walk in goodness as we continue to aim to be a good example to others.


2.  Love Others

God is love, He is absolutely caring and loving in all of His ways. We as believers are called to follow His lead, continue in His ways and grow to become more holy.

There is power in love, an act of kindness or appreciation to others can truly make someone’s day. Not only will you be a blessing to someone else, but you will also be benefiting yourself by becoming more like to person God wants you to be, pleasing Him and leading by example.


3. Flourish in Your Gifts

Your talents and spiritual gifts were given to you that it may be a blessing to others. God delights when you use your gifts! It’s a beautiful thing to cherish and maximise what you’ve been given. By cultivating your gifts and letting your light shine within Christ, you are encouraging others in the Lord. Especially in the hope that when they see you or spend time with you, they are able to feel the peaceful, wonderful presence of God.


4. Evangelise

Tell your loved ones how much you adore the Lord for what He has done for you! Share your testimony and tell the gospel. The beautiful story of love that the Lord has done to redeem the world.



The more you pursue the heart of the Lord and grow in the fullness of His love, the more you will flow in abundance of sharing His light that dwells within you! I hope this has blessed you!




Abundant blessings,


Devona Fayana


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