The Blossoming Butterfly In Isolation

The Blossoming Butterfly in Isolation

During this worldwide pandemic, I can imagine that this season is truly difficult for many to experience. Feelings and emotions centred and rooted from loneliness begin to arise and cause people to feel a bit more upset than usual. It’s normal to feel isolated at the moment, due to social distancing we are unable to spend time with our loved ones in the way that we normally do. But I want to share some encouragement for those of you who are finding this difficult.

There is never a moment wasted within any day of your life, whether the season is great or low, God is able to use whatever you are going through for your good.

I see this situation as a way for many of us to use and maximise this season as much as possible by entering into a time of consecration, dwelling in the presence of God.

Like a beautiful butterfly, there must be a time of isolation, reflection and consecration. Pursuing the heart of God within deep surrender, with humility and fasting. It may be uncomfortable for many, and actually I came to know that many butterflies do not survive that season of isolation before they were meant to blossom and fly. It takes strength and discipline to go through such hard times, but the end result of resilience, beauty and revival is always worth it. There is never a season that you face where God cannot take you through. He is faithful to continue providing, protecting and doing a good work within your heart.


I encourage you in this season to rest still with the Lord, grow in knowledge of Him and deeper in the revelation of His love. Fall deeply in love with His heart through worship, prayer and study. And before you know it, sooner or later this pandemic will surely be over by the grace of God. And you will come out of this experience beautifully and much more stronger than you’ve ever been before.

Be still and know that He is God. Rest in the arms of your Redeemer, dear one. xx




Devona Fayana


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