Maybe You Are Still Single Because…


Maybe you are still single because…

God is protecting you from the wrong relationships. It’s not because you’re ‘not pretty enough’. Neither is it because you’re ‘unlovable or not worthy enough’. There is actually someone out there praying and waiting for someone like you. Never feel like there is something wrong with you as to why you have been single for longer than you wanted. Whilst you are waiting for the person to come along in your life, ask the Lord to help grow and maximise the productivity and fruitfulness of this season as much as possible. Ask God what areas you need to improve so that you may prepare for your future spouse.

The person God has for you is specifically ordained and chosen to love and care for you, however the beautiful gifts sent from heaven are worth waiting for. Your future partner is worth waiting for and preparing for. Because the most valuable and treasurable things in life may not always come easy, but when it is time, you want to make sure that you are ready, whole and healed when it is your time to receive.

So I encourage you, refrain from feeling dismayed and start preparing yourself for the glorious blessing that you are about to receive. Walk gracefully with faith, prepare with expectancy that any day your blessing will come and find you. And don’t forget to thank God for the wonderful love story He has written for you!


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