If he truly loved you…

If he truly loved you…


You would not be feeling this way. Because where true love abides, fear confusion and anxiety flees away. A relationship must be built on trust. Because real lasting love tends to flourish as a result of trusting that special person that you are opening up your heart to. But many of us tend to do it the wrong way around.

Some of us tend to fall into infatuation, mistaking that for love. Then we wonder why the relationship broke down, or why there is an unhealthy fear of someone leaving or cheating in the relationship. There needs to be relationships where the foundation is built on trust and anchored in God’s divine will.

If you have the desire to be loved, cherished and adored by a partner who is divinely chosen for you… especially without having feelings of confusion or anxiety then I encourage you to give it to the Lord in prayer. Begin to trust Him to work in His perfect timing, He will bring it to pass. God wants the very best for you. You deserve more.


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