God Has Written Your Love Story

God has written your love story…


Do not be afraid, for the author of your life holds your wonderful future in His hands. He truly knows the desires of your heart. In the most challenging times during the waiting season, you may feel lonely, but the Lord is always with you holding you close, cradling you in His loving arms. Even though you don’t see it yet, He is divinely orchestrating your love story to blossom through in due season.

The Lord is fully aware that you have been trying to wait patiently and wondering when it will be your time to be married. But throughout every season you may go through, keep clinging onto your loving Heavenly Father. Because He is the one who sustains you and is working things together for your good.

He knows your deep desire for companionship.

And He is aware of every emotion you feel and every thought that you think. He understands you entirely and is acquainted with all of your ways. He is the true, eternal God who holds time and the universe in His glorious hands. So do not fear about who, what, when or where concerning your love story. For there is a divinely appointed time for the beautiful love story that He has written concerning your love life.

Hold on beautiful. Keep the faith because your time is surely coming.


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  1. Vi
    October 2, 2020 / 9:34 pm

    Thank you for this beautiful timely message it’s so fitting at the moment. The LORD is so faithful always leading me to a word for me I love how intentional and overwhelmingly his unconditional love is it always amazes me. Thank you LORD Father God for utilizing this sister in Christ to speak through in her writing. God bless her and this ministry in Jesus mighty name. Amen and Amen.

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