How To Let Go and Move On From an Ex

How To Let Go and Move On From an Ex

Letting go of a person you loved and then trying to move on from them can be a difficult patch to go through in life. However what gives us hope and encouragement is that God with us to heal our hearts and comfort our soul.

There are many emotions I’m sure you may be feeling now, but don’t lose hope nor get discouraged. Because God still has a plan and purpose for your life. As you open up your heart to Him, I pray that He will mend every broken piece of your heart. In this post I will be sharing how you can let go and move on from an ex. I hope this blesses you.


Cut off all contact

If you really want to know one of the quickest ways on how to let go and move on from an ex, it would be to cut off contact that you may have with them. This includes social media and on your phone.

To unfollow them on social media is a wise choice when trying to move on because you don’t want to constantly be reminded of them whenever you log on to Instagram or Facebook! It’s best to have that space away from each other in such a sensitive time.

I know many people think that blocking them may be a wise choice too, and in some circumstances I agree. This is because I think that with some exes they can be quite obsessive.. and in toxic relationships such as these I think it’s best to avoid them being able to have a chance to contact you.

This is the first step that I know can be extremely hard for many! However.. it’s truly beneficial for the healing and restoration of your heart.


Release them from your heart

The next thing I believe is imperative for you to move forward by letting go and moving on is to release the person from your heart. You can do this by forgiving them for hurting you, releasing any feelings of anger or bitterness etc. It is good to forgive one another as God forgives us. Trust me, you will feel much better once you’ve experienced that release!


Do NOT rush into a next relationship. Stay single!

The worst piece of advice others give to someone who is going through a breakup is.. ‘get yourself out there!’

By getting yourself out there you are allowing your heart into the hands of someone new when you are not yet healed from your situation. You cannot love with a broken heart.. you cannot heal by rushing into the arms of someone else that most likely isn’t for you. Love is not meant to be rushed.. God will naturally bring it into your life in it’s time.


Tell people that you trust

Pick a few family and friends that you are quite close with. Be open and honest with them about your feelings and where you’re at in this moment in time. It’s good to have accountability and people that support you in your life. This will help you move forward much more quicker with loved ones by your side.



It’s okay to cry! Release out all your emotions. It is healthy because if you bottle it up then things can become worse within your heart and your perception on things. The more you let things out and release, the easier it becomes on the process of your healing.

Cry out to God and let Him know all your thoughts, your angers, your feelings and emotions. It’s much better being able to communicate with God 24/7 hours of the day rather than pretending to be okay when you’re not.

God cares about you and loves you deeply.. open up your heart to Him. It’s okay to be real with God.


Come closer to God

The Lord is near to the broken hearted and saves those who are crushed in spirit. – Psalm 34:18

Even though you may seem alone in this period of your life, rest assured that God is right there with you! Tap deeper and further into His presence through prayer. Begin to spend more time with God and allow Him to touch your heart through His healing working power and the comfort of His Holy Spirit.


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God bless,


Devona Fayana


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