How To Dress Elegant and Classy: Transform Your Look

dress elegant and classy

How To Dress Elegant and Classy

Your whole life can go through a complete transformation when you decide to upgrade your wardrobe!

You begin to find that when you dress in a more elegant and sophisticated way, you flourish in confidence and walk in the power of the great feeling that you’re on track to be the best person you want to be.


Dress Elegant and Classy by: Wearing neutral colours

Classic colours are associated with neutrals because they can never truly go out of style and they are perfect throughout the whole year in every season.

Neutral colours are also beautiful on every single skin complexion no matter what age you are! So to upgrade your wardrobe opt for colours such as white, beige, black, chocolate browns, camels and ivory. Khaki is also a lovely classic colour, especially in fall.


dress elegant and classy

Shop for high quality clothes 

When someone is dressing elegant and classy, you’ll notice that they have beautiful clothes of quality. Quality clothing can make a huge difference to your overall look. For example, compare the quality between a shop such as Reiss and then Primark. You will notice that the fabrics feel much more luxurious. Choose quality over quantity as your start out transforming your wardrobe.

For high quality clothes on a budget, shops like Zara and Mango are perfect choices for amazing classic style whilst having a more affordable price tag.


Opt for Knee Length Skirts or Dresses

If you compare a mini dress to a midi dress you’ll see that the length of the midi dress is much more modest, which results in having a more classic look. The midi length is ideal and perfect to wear on all occasions from day to night and also informal to formal events. Especially if you are travelling to a place of worship such as Church or a religious country. Choose outfits that are a more modest length.


Ditch Cardigans and go for coats, blazers or luxurious jackets

Cardigans are great for home wear or a more casual setting. However if you’re aiming to look more classy and elegant with your dress style, I would opt for a coat, blazer or jacket. I find that these pieces of clothing truly finishes off a look beautifully. Especially if the outer garment is of high quality.


Ditch The Jeans

This is my personal opinion, but I find that jeans are so common that they can cause you to blend in with the crowd and dampen your classic and elegant look. When elegance comes to mind I think of gracefulness and smoothness of movement. Through which I advise to wear dresses or skirts instead that will provide you an elegant and feminine style.

Neutral and Quality Shoes and Handbags

Shoes and handbags can make or break an outfit. Through which I advise to invest in a high quality handbag of a neutral colour that can never go out of style. You can find high quality heels or flats from Office, Selfridges, Mango or Zara. Save open toed shoes for summer time only.


Ditch Trainers!

Trainers are. a HUGE no when you want to dress more elegant and classy. In my personal opinion it gives off a sportswear casual type vibe. Keep trainers soley for fitness purposes. Heels and an elegant pair of flat shoes are a lovely choice for every day wear.


Do Not Choose Heels Too High!

Choose the right pair of heels for you, the length of heel that you feel comfortable walking in.  Whether it’s a stiletto or a chunky heel.. make sure the length is right that you are able to walk in it confidently. Elegant and classic heels are usually around mid length, experiment with what suits you best.


After sharing my tips and advice with insight on how you can dress elegant and classy, I hope it was helpful to you! Please remember though, this is my personal opinion. You can dress however you like and whatever your preference is.. go with that! It’s so important to be yourself and embrace your individuality. Do what makes you comfortable.


God Bless,

Devona Fayana (@devonafayana)

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