How I Overcame Low Self Esteem: My Testimony

how I overcame low self esteem

How I Overcame Low Self Esteem

For many years I had struggled with self esteem as I grew up.. and this was due to bullying  in school. Around that time of my life I never truly had any friends, I would be what many would call ‘the loner’. I’m not really sure why, I guess it’s because I stayed true to myself and who I was as a person whereas with others in my school, many of them would group into cliques and seem as though they’d be pretending to be someone they actually aren’t, just to please their peers. Peer pressure was a huge issue in my school, and instead of following the crowd I would be burying my head in a book and focusing on my studies.

Throughout the years bullying became intense to the point where I was even treated with violence. I became fearful of even the idea of going to school however I know that I had to put on a brave face..

Years down the line my insecurities grew and I developed a deep hatred towards myself. Looking back on it now I didn’t realise the amount of damage it had caused me but at the time I was so used to being mistreated that I fell into the idea that I was unloved and unlikeable. This eventually led me to become someone I’m not by trying to fit in like the rest. I remember finding a friend who was involved in one of the popular circles and she taught me exactly how I ought to be just to gain their approval. At the time I thought it would be amazing, to finally be liked however pretending to be someone I’m not caused much more damage than good.

I created a persona of myself that I had to keep up every single day and I just grew weary. Unfortunately, that lasted throughout all my school years until my last full year in year 11. At this time, I had not yet found Christ so I was dealing with the situation by myself. And I believe it was around 2 years afterwards where I began to hear the Lord calling me.

His call was something I can’t truly describe, it’s like a knowing in your spirit that He is calling you to walk in wholeness and freedom in Him. The reason why I had known of Christ is because my beloved late grandma was an evangelist and she always planted seeds of fruitfulness in my life. I had seen the joy in her heart.. the joy of the Lord that always remained within her. It sparked something within me where I felt like I truly want to feel the wholeness that she does too.

And as I heard His call, I began to answer. Long story short, I became a born again Christian over the years however the healing process took me quite a long time. Even as a Christian, I was battling with insecurities and my identity in the Lord. However the Lord is faithful and His precious Spirit always reminded me and directed me to the Word. His Spirit of truth became my best friend and taught me my worth and identity in Christ alone. The Lord also took me through a period where I had lost an extremely huge amount of friends as I grew closer to the God. And to be honest, I wasn’t truly surprised because they never really got to know the real me in the first place.. I was honestly just letting go of the old and embracing the new in my walk with Christ.

Daily the Lord renewed my mind through the meditation of His Word. I cannot come up with random tips and worldly advice to tell you the best way on improving your self esteem because I truly tell you that it’s only the Spirit of God that can heal your deepest wounds. It’s only the Word of God that can literally cut through the ungodly strongholds. His Word is like a double edged sword, and I testify that His Word and His love has transformed not only my life but who I am as a person. Christ is how I overcame low self esteem.

If you’re battling with low self esteem I’d like to encourage you by letting you know that you are so precious and valuable in the sight of the Lord. So precious that He sent His one and only son to die to cleanse you of all sin and reconcile you to Himself. His love for you is so great that the human mind cannot comprehend.. Christ waits with His arms open wide to you for you to rest in His arms and remain peacefully in His embrace. Your validation and worth doesn’t come from anyone else, it’s from Christ alone and He care so dearly for you.. I overcame low self esteem by starting with a prayer..

Reach out to Him in prayer.. He longs to heal you. xx

God Bless,



Devona Fayana

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