Finding Identity and Confidence In Christ

finding identity in Christ

Finding Identity and Confidence In Christ


Hello readers! I hope you are having a wonderful, blessed day!

I have been learning a lot in this season about identity and cultivating confidence and a healthy self esteem in Christ. Due to the past and circumstances we can sometimes allow our past to define us, but we must renew our minds according to the word of God. That in Him, we are made a new creation in Christ.

Through which I wanted to ensure you to be confident in who you are as a person and don’t ever allow the people around you to question your worth or identity.. many times I have even previously allowed the words and opinions of people to dictate how I view myself. Unfortunately, I know other people experience the same thing and I truly believe that enough is enough.

Not only have you been beautifully designed and created by the Almighty Creator of the universe, you are also loved by Him and cherished in His heart.

You have also gone from strength to strength in your life. You have overcome many obstacles that you have faced and will continue to advance and succeed in all you do. Not only that, but there are gifts and talents within you that the Lord has blessed you with to fulfil your purpose and experience your life to the fullest. You know the gifts and passions within you.. use them! Tune into your passions, the world is waiting to be touched by the uniqueness of your gifts and purpose.

The world needs you!

You are valued and cherished by Jesus. Do not allow the negativity of others to put you down. I promise you, there is a specific reason why you are still alive today.. everything has a purpose behind it and that includes you. Your life holds tons of value!

Through pursuing His presence and studying His word, I pray that the Holy Spirit will help you on finding your identity and confidence in Christ.




Devona Fayana




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