Be Bold In Sharing Your Testimony

The Lord showed me a vision of someone with a blindfold over their mouth. I prayed and asked God to give me more understanding on the vision.

The Lord revealed to me that many people may be ashamed, shy or embarrassed to share their story of their testimony and the past that God has taken you out from. I want to remind you that whatever happened in your past does not determine who you are today. The Lord has and will always do a good work in you (Phillipians 1:6). But the Lord specifically pointed out that there is power in sharing your testimony.

By you raising your voice and speaking forth your truth in the love and power of God, it can simply help someone else to take the step forward into freedom. Nobody could know how God personally touched your life unless they hear about it, and someone NEEDS to hear your testimony some day.

Many of the times God brings us through tough situations for a reason, not only to learn a lesson ourselves, but through gaining experience and strength through the fire we can now minister and support others who have gone through the same situations.

Someone out there may need that hope and the encouragement, someone out there may be looking for an answer to something. And your story could possibly be that.

Someone may be praying and waiting to hear more about someone else’s experience on healing, on breakthrough, on what Jesus has done in the life of someone else.

The enemy wants to make you embarrassed of where you was or who you once were so that you remain silent forever. But God loved you so much that He gave His only Son that whoever believes in Him shall NOT perish but have eternal life. You are extremely LOVED by God and have eternal life in Him! So don’t hesitate to speak up whenever you feel led to. It can help lead to someone else’s freedom. Someone else’s breakthrough could just be a few moments away from you raising your voice to give God glory.



Devona Fayana


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