The Reason Behind The Storm In The Hard Seasons of Life

The heat you feel in your life is not meant to destroy you, but to refine you.

Diamonds experience intense pressure before they are formed beautifully. So trust the process in your life, beautiful things will bloom through it.

There is never stormy season that you are in without a reason. Behind every stormy season is not only a lesson learned, but what follows can also be a rainbow of blessings on the way for you.. as you grow and advance as the person you are, you start to see the beauty in your life radiate and blossom through. As long as you remain faithful and open to His will, God’s plan for your life should surely come to fruition in your life. Beautiful things rarely ever take place without a little rain.. there is always growth and things to learn in the tough parts of life. But you will only arise wiser, resilient and stronger as the beautiful person you are. So stay strong and stay hopeful! God will carry you through whatever you’re facing. He opens His arms to you to carry you through it all.

Take Joseph in the bible for example, he was sold into slavery but eventually ended up as one of the high rulers in Egypt.

King David is also a good example, he was underestimated by his family but God chose him to become the strong King of Israel.

The situations we face are not to be looked at as though we are experiencing such troubles in vain, God always has a way of turning things around for better! In the meantime, remain strong in your faith and possibly look at what lessons you could learn from the situation that you are feeling.

I promise you, that if you stay grounded in faith you can only move up higher from this moment. Hold on to God, as He will never let go of you!


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