The Dangers of People Pleasing.. ♡

From experience, I can truly tell you that people pleasing can cause you to lose sight of your true destiny and purpose in life. If you follow what other people want for your life to make them happy instead of considering what will make you happy, (including the chosen path that God has set for you).. then you could end up in a lot of trouble.

Instead of aiming to please other people, begin to fix your focus on pleasing the one who created you and where your life is naturally leading you to go. Once you do that, your life will become much clearer and you will begin to become more confident in yourself and who you’ve been called to be.

In my school years many people told me I couldn’t do certain things and that I had to do x y z. They would tell me to be a doctor, a teacher or a lawyer. Because ‘that’s where the money is’.. but what about where your PASSION is? Yes we must be wise with all decisions and take things into consideration however don’t take up someone else’s dream and completely disregard your own altogether just to feel more accepted by others. It’s not healthy.. It’s so important to know who you are so that your foundation is solid and you cannot be moved.

Whether it’s career choice, peer pressure, relationships or anything else in life.. don’t allow other people to steer you away off your tracks and whatever God leads you to do. It’s always good to be open to counsel and instruction, but never allow other people to kill your uniqueness and who you are to become who they want you to be. Including your dreams and desires. Never allow your life to come to a place where you are now in a certain position because you have followed the life choices of other people and not your own for your life. If I had listened to people back then, I would still be extremely unhappy studying to become something that my heart isn’t truly passionate about. Living out someone else’s dreams for my life.. what a way to live?


Proverbs 18:16 – “A man’s gift makes room for him and seats him before great men “.


Discover and nurture your gifts. Because your gift will naturally open doors for you.. as long as you believe in yourself, stay consistent and more importantly focused. It’s even much better with God involved, as He beautifully guides you and leads you to where you need to be in order to move forward fruitfully.

God only wants the best for us and He’s the only one who knows the exact reason for which He created us individually.

It’s ok to be yourself

It’s ok to take risks and have faith

It’s ok to be different

It’s ok to be unique!


Embrace who you are, your uniqueness, and allow God to work in you and through you. Open up yourself more to Him and do not allow the opinions of other people to shift you. When God is within you, you cannot fall. – Psalm 46:5



Thank you for reading,

Keep on blossoming,



Devona Fayana




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