Word of Encouragement June 2019 – Blooming ♡

I would like to share a word of encouragement from the Lord for June.

I was in my bedroom admiring my beautiful flowers, when I first got them they were so tiny and had not yet bloomed! Even so, I still placed them in water with flower food and put the vase by my window for them to receive some sunlight.

Two days later.. they were MASSIVE. They had bloomed so beautifully, I could not stop staring at them for a while. The Lord spoke to me:

Do not underestimate small beginnings, how things began or where you are now. Flowers bloom but they need water to survive and grow, very similar to us humans spiritually. We need to be watered with the Word, to soak and immerse ourselves in it in order to grow. Our roots must be in Christ. Don’t be a the flower that runs dry and doesn’t get the chance to bloom beautifully to it’s best ability, allow God to bloom you.

He has plans for you.



Keep on blossoming,


Devona Fayana x


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