Is This Why You Want To Be Successful? Think Again..♡

Many people are chasing the idea of being famous instead of being fruitful.. There’s a difference between purpose and profit. A difference between being ‘instagram famous’ and adding true value to the world.

If you’ve ever watched motivational speeches, you would have probably noticed that many of them say you should always remember why you started. Remember why you want that particular goal and dream in mind. If you forget your reason why, you start to lose focus on the true vision.


And I felt led to write about this today because many people seem to be obsessing over likes, followers and fame. To the point where people all over the world are spending money to buy likes and followers to look famous in order to feel better about themselves. But what is the reason why?

I had to think about this myself because before I was so caught up in the idea that the more likes and followers I had, meant that my content and blogs had better value. But I got to the point where I had to stop and think.. why do we need social media to validate who we are? I became so sick and tired of it not just for myself, but also for the huge amount of other people that are struggling with the issue.

If you are struggling with this please know that your gifts, talents and purpose on your life is not validated by social media or what people think. Jesus had a lot of haters and people that ignored Him.. but that didn’t stop Him from believing in His worth and what He was called to do. His validation certainly didn’t come from what other people thought about Him.

This is why I mentioned we must always remember WHY we started. Your ‘why’ is going to keep pushing you through till you achieve. Did you start the journey to your goals because you want to be liked by people? If so.. your ‘why’ isn’t strong enough and could potentially cause you to burn out. The reason why is because you’re not always going to be liked by everyone.. Not even Jesus Christ is liked by everyone so why should we be?

Instead, you must be motivated by the fact that you LOVE what you do and you know that God has blessed you with certain gifts/dreams/talents! Do everything you do from love and then everything else will follow afterwards.. ♡

Once you do it because you love it and not for ‘show’, you will find huge growth within yourself and your goals. I believe true successful people add VALUE to the world.  Therefore it’s so important to know who you are, what your gift is and how you want to use it to minister to other people. A true leader is a servant also ♡

So I encourage you, to seek what you LOVE to do. And find a way where you can use that to help other people. You are worth much more than likes and followers. Your validation is not limited to social media.. because God has bigger plans for you. Plans for you to prosper, to give you a future and a hope.

Jeremiah 29:11 ♡





Thank you for reading, I hope it blessed you xx

Keep on blossoming,


Devona Fayana




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