How To Avoid and Heal a Broken Heart ♡

R O M A N C E ♡ It’s such a beautiful thing..

I feel like movies glorify the idea of being a hopeless romantic, but the reality of it can actually be so dangerous at times.

When you run away too quickly with your heart, sometimes the end result doesn’t always go as you expected.. my encouragement for you today is to always take a step at a time and guard your heart carefully and healthily.

Never run with your heart in a relationship before you can both walk, especially when the other person can barely crawl with the pace of your heart. Be careful not to allow yourself to be blinded by love that may not be intended for you.. Get to know the person on a deeper level..

  • are you equally yoked?
  • do you both have similar visions and directions that you want to take in life?

You don’t want to give your whole heart to someone who isn’t interested or going where you are aim to go in life.

You are a whole person with a purpose before you meet your partner.. therefore it’s so important for you to be careful that the person you’re falling for doesn’t take you off course! Make it your aim to grow and prosper with your spouse.. heading in the right direction, hand in hand.

There is nothing wrong with taking time in a relationship. Some of the most beautiful things go through a process. God makes everything beautiful in it’s time (Ecc 3:11)


I hope this blessed you,

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Keep on blooming beautifully,

Devona Fayana ♡


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