Are You Blocking Your Breakthrough? ♡

Your tongue has the power to set the course of your life through your actions, attitude and possibly strongholds that may be present in your mindset..

Take the time to reflect on your life and those who are around you. Is there anything in particular that hinders you from blooming? To bloom as a person means to mature mentally, emotionally and spiritually. It means seeing an increase, growth and flourishment of character. If there is anything that stops you or holds you back from moving forward, consider what options you may want to take. Consider these things..

  • your friends
  • your music
  • your tv/netflix shows
  • how you spend your time
  • what dwells on your mind

Ask the Lord to reveal to you whatever it is that is preventing you from moving forwards, He will lead you.

Hinderances are simply blockages on your path to destiny that prevent you from prospering mightily in your life. Don’t allow yourself to be taken back by the toxicity of things and others surrounding you.

Greatness is within you just waiting to be birthed!!



I hope this blessed you and motivated you to make the necessary changes that needs to take place in your life.

ps. my new book ‘ The Meaning of Love ‘ is now out on amazon worldwide!



Keep on blooming beautifully,

Devona Fayana ♡


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