How To Blossom In Your Purpose


Colossians 1:16 says that all things were created through Christ and for Him. There is a specific reason why you are alive here on the earth today.. you may or may not have discovered what it is that you have been designed and created to do but trust that the Lord will show you your way.


Here are a few tips I found helpful when it comes to discovering and blossoming in your purpose!


  1. Seek First The Kingdom of God


Seek God diligently, with all your heart mind and soul. If you don’t know your purpose yet eventually He will certainly reveal it to you. Make it your aim to get as close to the Lord as you possibly can. I always say if you’re unsure of your purpose, it’s good to begin serving and living purposefully first in your home or with your close family and friends if you live alone.

You could also volunteer somewhere, whether it’s at church, a food bank, children’s events or even helping out at a woman’s shelter. Whatever you are drawn to the most, consider volunteering. Just to help out, get involved and see how it fits with you!


2. Consider Your Gifts and Own It.


What are your gifts and talents? What are you passionate about? Most likely these particular things have been planted by God for you to use them for His glory!

Think about how you can use your gifts more often and ways to flow in your talents to help add value and service to the world! What you’re gifted in, you’ll fall in love with doing passionately with excellence!


3.  Be Careful of Your Surroundings


Who do you involve yourself around with? Are they quite negative about your goals, hopes and dreams? Do they uplift you regarding you as a person and the passions that are within you? Always be cautious as to who you class as friends or close ones. You are meant to feel lifted and empowered. Not broken down.. blossom in Christ’s love and also the love of those that are around you.


4. Abide In Christ


Without abiding in Christ we cannot bear good fruit. All we must do must be for the glory of God, walking step by step with the Lord and clinging close onto Him. If you haven’t read John 15 already, I would strongly advise you too! It is absolutely beautiful. He is the vine, the Father is the vinedresser and we are the branches. Anyone who abides in Him bears much fruit. Therefore abide in Him! Fruitfulness roots from Christ and also intimacy with Him.


5.  Meditate On The Word


There is power in the words we speak and the things we meditate upon. Begin to build the consistency of declaring the Word over your life and thoughts day and night.

Joshua 1:8 ‘Keep this Book of the Law always on your lips; meditate on it day and night, so that you may be careful to do everything written in it. Then you will be prosperous and successful.’



I hope this blessed you and I thank you for reading. May you blossom in your calling xx


Devona Fayana




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