10 Brutal Lessons I’ve Learnt About Entrepreneurship at 22


Entrepreneur. The title that seems so attractive and successful to many people.. To be honest, it’s lovely being in control of your schedule, your money and your time. However like many other things, entrepreneurship is not all that it is made out to be. I will tell you why.

(The following lessons are based on my experiences, every other entrepreneur’s journey is different.)


  1. Entrepreneurship is LONELY
  2. Failure HELPS to succeed
  3. COMPARISON to your graduate friends aren’t worth it
  4. You miss the 9-5 hours because entrepreneurship is a 24/7 job
  5. Dream killers will NEVER stop
  6. DISCOMFORT is your new friend 🙂
  7. YOU are your own cheerleader. Don’t expect others to support you
  8. You are FORCED to become a professional master juggler
  9. Keep your projects QUIET
  10. Everything is a waste of time without God involved



Entrepreneurship is lonely

It is very lonely indeed.  Sometimes you spend 12 hours straight working by yourself because you have no other choice but to work extra hard. This means less time with loved ones sometimes..

Working as an employee for so long you get used to having like a second family with your colleagues, since your workplace is your second home! You suddenly miss spending time with a group people and working together as a team. I know that not all work environments are great, and not every team is perfect but when you start out as an entrepreneur you tend to be alone a lot of the time. With hardly anyone around you. There is no teamwork, which means there’s nobody to motivate you or set incentives etc. Your job is to get your head down and make your own money.

But the positive thing about this is that I actually started to feel comfortable being by myself. Many times we as humans hate being alone, as it’s natural for us to want connection with other people. But it’s also healthy and important to enjoy your own company too.. don’t get me wrong I’m still in the process of adapting to it. It’s still really hard sometimes and I do get extremely lonely now and again, but as my business grows and my contentment in this season becomes solid, I’m sure God will give me the opportunity to begin to hire others to be apart of my team that I can connect and build with. And I’m certain that He will do that for you too. Entrepreneurship is a long process I guess, but growth always comes out of it!



Failure Helps To Succeed

We often view failure as a terrible, negative thing. But actually, since I began my entrepreneurial journey I started to see that the failures I faced gave me wisdom, knowledge and understanding as to what doesn’t work, the weaknesses, the details and how I can improve.

If you don’t experience failure, you’ll never understand the knowledge behind your niche and business industry. What does and doesn’t work for people so you can also help business owners in the future. I always see our journey as that God is allowing us to go through things not just for ourselves, but to help other people in need in the future.


Comparison To Your Graduate Friends Are Not Worth It

When I left school to chase my dream I actually didn’t go to university. I know 100% exactly what I want to make a living in my life and it doesn’t require me studying a degree. And that’s okay.. because everyone’s path is different. Some may want to be a doctor or a lawyer. We are all so different. But many people in my life never understood that and told me I wouldn’t go far in what I wanted in my life or where I was trying to go. University was always the only way to success in their eyes, when that’s not always the case for every individual.

As you know, building a brand and creating a successful business is a process. So as my friends who went to uni began to get amazing jobs I started to question myself and compare my life to theirs.

Was it a mistake not going to uni?

Should I just quit my dream for another career path?

Were they right about me failing?


All these questions. It formed doubt. And doubt birthed a dream killer in my mind. But thankfully through the meditation of God’s Word my mind renewed.

I believe that if you find your purpose, you should go after it. After all.. life is about fulfilling purpose and doing good things. Not living out someone else vision for your life. If you do what you love, the money will follow.


You Miss The 9-5

Being a business owner is a 24/7 thing. You can’t just clock in and out like an employee. It requires around the clock attention. Especially when growing the brand and expanding the business.

When I was an employee I always used to see entrepreneurship as something dreamy and easy. Doing whatever they like, at whatever time they wanted. Everything looked chilled and relaxed from the outside. But until I became one myself, I understood it’s actually a 24 hour thing. It gets extremely draining sometimes but what keeps me going is that I actually love what I do. And that’s the most important thing I see in this. I do what I love.


Dream Killers Will Never Stop

The people that always moan and complain that you’re dream and business seems unrealistic and impossible in this day and age.. just remind them and yourself that with God, nothing is impossible. The danger of listening to dream killers is that you begin to become convinced that it’s just best to live someone else’s vision and dream for your life. And you end up doing things for a living that you never cared about in the first place.

Keep doing you! And don’t give up.


Discomfort Is Your New Friend

The discomfort of not having any idea where your next pay check is going to come from, the uncertainty of many things arise as an entrepreneur. However, discomfort breeds a fire and motivation within you to work harder!

Things cannot grow without discomfort, you have to feel uncomfortable to move forward. Too much comfort makes some people fall into complacency, which is a no go for a successful business owner.


You Are Your Own Cheerleader

As a business owner you can never expect everyone to cheer you on and support you.. you have to encourage yourself. Every single day. Not everyone will understand your vision and question you a lot, but you have to stay faithful with the vision God has planted in you. If you don’t believe in your brand, who will?


You Are Forced To Become A Master Juggler

Being an entrepreneur you have to juggle juggle juggle. If you don’t like multi-tasking, you are bound to learn. Entrepreneurship requires multi-tasking. But it also helps you to grow as a person in so many areas, especially in the area of patience.


Keep Your Projects Quiet

I find that if you express your vision and projects to other people they either discourage you from carrying it out, or they will steal the idea for themselves and take all the credit. I’ve seen this happen with so many other business owners before. I also think it’s best to just take action and do things without too much talk. More action, less talking. So many people just talk about their ideas and don’t go forward with it, next thing you know someone else is doing the vision you imagined..

I personally think it’s best to keep things to yourself or share it with a few close friends/family until it’s ready to be released.


Everything Is a Waste of Time Without God

If God is our creator and the sovereign person behind the vision, then why wouldn’t we involve Him?

Did you know God actually gives you the increase? And many other businesses too? It’s not by our own strength and efforts that success comes. God is the one who provides it all. He gives the wisdom, knowledge and understanding that we need to prosper. Without Him we can do nothing.


“I am the vine; you are the branches. If you remain in me and I in you, you will bear much fruit; apart from me you can do nothing.” – John 15:5



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God Bless,


Devona Fayana





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