How To Hear God’s Voice Clearer

John 10:27 – My sheep hear my voice, and I know them. And they follow me.

Sometimes people find it hard to hear God’s voice clear, especially as a new believer. Here are some tips that I find help me to hear the voice of the Lord better.

1. Clear your mind

Clear your mind of any clutter or noise of the problems and frustrations that you are facing. These things can certainly overwhelm the mind, which prevents us from hearing His voice. This is due to our problems being the focus point of our minds, but as we settle our fears and quieten down our thoughts before Him.. we hear that still small voice.

2. Turn off any electronics

If you’re still finding it difficult to hear God’s voice, try turning off any electronics with music or TV shows happening. This lessens the amount of voices and sounds that you’re hearing. The less noise, the louder you have the chance of hearing His voice.

3. Get into a quiet place and fix your focus on Him

Once you have a private, quiet place to pray. Fix your mind upon Him only. Imagine Him being right in front of you, ready and expectant, waiting for His response. Allow His presence to fill your surroundings and listen out for His voice.

4. Take a break from social media

Sometimes social media can fill our minds with so much worldly things and clutter. I found that the more I detached myself from worldly things, the easier I found to hear God’s voice clearer. Since my mind and spirit isn’t clogged up with the cares and updates of the world.

5. Read the bible more

The bible is God’s written word. Through meditating on His word, you get to know Him more. And you’ll start to be able to recognise His voice through His character, truth and peace.
The more you read your bible, the more you’ll go deeper into fellowship with the Holy Spirit. A relationship is a two way thing, make more effort to read His word and go deeper into the things of God and in time, you’ll find that your spiritual hearing is clearer to hear Him.

6. Be still in prayer

After you pray, take the time to sit in stillness instead of finishing up and carrying on with your day. Close your eyes and meditate on Him, be silent and rest still. He may give you a response. I found that the more I did this, it helped me to hear His voice a lot more frequently too.

I hope this helped you a lot, and that your relationship with God will flourish as your hear Him more and more each day.
Thank you for reading,

God bless,
Devona Fayana


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