How To Be Productive, Organised and Plan Your Day! Ft House Of CB Stationery

Your days get crammed with so many jobs and responsibilities.. and you don’t know how to maintain effective organisation and productivity throughout your life. It feels as though you’re juggling so many things that you can’t keep up! I’ve been there! I know exactly how that feels, but with the right tools, dedication and mindset.. you’ll be able to handle your days so effectively and productively like never before!

Here are a few tips and insight as to what I do, to organise my days.

1. Wake up at 5:30 everyday

Waking up early every single day develops a routine that will keep you disciplined. The earlier you wake up, the more things you get done throughout the day too! I find that the later you awake, you may feel sluggish and more lazier than usual. But once you start to train yourself to become a morning person, productivity becomes inevitable throughout your daily life!

2. Plan your week

Plan your weeks in advance. Day by day, write out your plans for that specific day. This way you can always look back and check whether you’ll be available or busy whenever someone asks if you’re free.
This is also a good way to look at your week and prepare for what is ahead too. Rather than just thinking about it in your head and most likely forgetting!

3. Have a daily diary

I’m sure you may have holidays, bookings, appointments and anything else coming up that you have planned for this year. So take up a diary that has dates set for the year, and note down any plans that you’ll be having on the dates. Just to keep track of what’s happening so that you know for future reference.

4. Set up a day designer

With a day designer, you are able to look at your days in detail with what you’ll be doing. For example, Friday is coming up. And on your day designer you can jot down:


To Do List

All for that specific day. House of CB sell amazing day designers. It certainly helps me write down all my daily goals and tasks so clearly that I remember and get things done.

5.Monthly goals

Write down monthly goals that you want to achieve, or even a bucket list of things you would like to do for each month. Prepare and work towards that. Write it clearly and put it somewhere that you’ll be able to see it and be reminded. This way, when the specific month comes up, you’ll be prepared and ready.

6. Put a calendar up

Put a calendar up of holidays if you celebrate them. Such as Easter, Christmas etc. By doing this, you’ll be able to remind yourself to prepare for them with gifts, family gatherings and making sure not to double book yourself.

7. Write down your goals, and reasons why

Finally, I would say make notes of what you want to achieve. Short term goals and long term goals. How you’ll achieve them and why you want to achieve them! This will keep you motivated daily by looking at them and seeing how you can move forward.
Nothing is more frustrating than seeing a list of goals and not doing anything about it!

8. Go to bed earlier

Now that you’ve decided to wake up earlier, it would make more sense to go to sleep earlier. Therefore, set a time that suits you best to sleep earlier, that you will feel more refreshed in the morning!

You can purchase the Day Designer, Diary and Journal from HOUSEOFCB.

I hope this has helped you, and I pray that this year will be your most productive year yet!
Thanks for reading,
God bless,
devona fayana x


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