God Will Provide The Finances/Job For You (Testimony)

A few years ago, I was made redundant. I didn’t expect it to happen as quickly as it did.. it shocked me to the core. I was left around two months completely jobless, looking around for jobs.
I remember praying to God to help me out, but week after week I heard nothing, no progress at all.

At the time I was working within clothing retail and occasional salon work. My dream job was to work on the makeup counters, in top department stores! Before I lost my job, I always applied to work at those makeup places because it was something I always dreamed of. But due to my lack of experience, I never really got any opportunities.

Two/three months after looking for a job I received a call out of nowhere! It was a call from one of the biggest makeup brands in the world. Bearing in mind I didn’t apply to this job, I applied to their company two years prior to that, but they explained to me that they kept me on file and they would like to interview me!
I was so shocked and pleased!!
I believe I had the uncommon favour of God upon me during the 3 step interview process because I was one of hundreds of candidates. It was only because of God that I received that job. It was one of the best upgrades of my entire life.

Sometimes God makes us wait, but it’s for a purpose! Delay doesn’t mean denial. He knows when is best for us to be advanced and promoted. If you’re waiting on God, trust Him and believe and remind yourself it is for a purpose. He only wants the best for you.

I hope this blessed and encouraged you, God will provide for you in every way you need.
God bless,
Devona Fayana


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