Creative, Fun Ways To Spend Time With God


There are so many different ways to spend time with God. He is with us for eternity, and I believe we should make the most of our time on earth as much as possible, let’s be creative with how we can build our relationship with God by doing different activities!
Here is a list of ideas

– Picnic in summertime
– Dinner or lunch date
– Prayer walk
– Coffee date
– Library
– Hiking
– Walk in the park
– Going for a drive
– Writing a letter or poem
– Volunteer somewhere
– Go to a desert place
– Travel
– Take a vacation
– Go on tour in Israel
– Missionary trip
– Do a fundraising event
– Painting
– Write a book
– Sketching
– Cleaning your home listening to worship
– Pamper and prayer night
– Bible study in the park

I do many of these activities, I absolutely love it! I feel so happy and enjoy my time with the Lord. I hope this has inspired you with many ideas too!

God bless,
Devona Fayana


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