What To Do When You Feel Overwhelmed

As humans, it’s normal to feel overwhelmed now and again. With all of the circumstances that life throw at us, there are times in life when we feel like giving up.

Here are a few steps to calm your soul and help reposition you on the right track.


Just, breathe. Take deep breaths and close your eyes. Inhale and exhale slowly. This will make you feel slightly better at ease.

Count Your Blessings

Even though things may not be how you would like them to be at that moment, count your blessings. The things that you are thankful for. You’d be surprised how that makes you feel much better. Reassuring yourself that you are blessed in many ways!


When you’re so overwhelmed to the point where you don’t know what to say.. write. Whether it’s a letter to yourself, God or a family/friend. Big weights are released off of us when we write our expressions etc onto paper.


One of the most obvious ones is to pray. The Lord is near those who are broken hearted or overwhelmed. He promises to never leave or forsake you. So pour your heart out to Him during times of prayer.


Reading is a fantastic hobby to calm the mind. Pick a self help book and the Bible. Spend time with God in your quiet time.

Treat Yourself

Every now and again it’s good to treat yourself. It helps you feel greater and boosts your self esteem. If you feel led to, go to a spa, or get some of your favourite chocolates.

Do something a bit special for you!

Think Positive

Even if you don’t feel it, still meditate on positivity and speak life into the atmosphere! Your tongue holds a lot of power!

I hope this blessed you,

take care

devona fayana x


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